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    Sleeping with
 2019-10-23 08:39
Sleeping with the lights on the moonlight night, but wake up from the pillow. Suddenly, the house is full of Qing Yue, the tree shadows in front of the window, the doubts have been dawn. Look at the square full moon and intoxicated people. How can you not appreciate the moonlight?en Ruoshui's moonlight sprinkles through the sleeping city Marlboro Red, letting the cold moonlight pass through the gaps of the curtains, letting the quiet moonlight map the corner of the soul, and the lonely moon let her own emotions woven into every corner of the world. She is glamorous, she is pure, she is noble, she is refined, she is the queen of coldness in the night sky in the pure black sky, the moon is like a pure smile, bringing the quiet atmosphere of this quiet world; it is like a glimpse The soft and charming light shines into the black-haired scorpion, and it shines on the confused heart. She gently and quietly illuminates the haze and illuminates hope Parliament Cigarettes. She is beautiful, she is soft, she is warm, she is charming, she is the warm harbor of the world, the past and the present, the moon's gloom is affecting the literary feelings of many scholars! Li Bai��s ��toasting the moon, drinking three people��, accompanied by the month, ��moon, shadow, people�� turned into three romantic confidants, and they were no longer alone. Su Shi��s "When is the moon? I ask the wine for the sky. I don��t know what the heavenly palace is Cheap Cigarettes, what year is it?" Looking at the heavenly "Qiong Yuyu", the night when the moon is like a fairyland is so beautiful, but hanging high in the night sky. The lonely moon is also "high in the cold." And Zhang Jiuling "the sea is bright and the moon, the end of the world at this time", so that each side of the sky is a little separated from the life, adding a little bit of gratification to the west, Hyosung is getting darker, and the morning is far away. Unconsciously, the moon accompanied me through the night, ushered in the light
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