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 2019-10-23 08:39
It is a more ordinary love. In our lives, it is like a transparent and invisible air. No one will always pay attention to it. This love is the mother-in-law love that surrounds us all the time. It is our umbrella. It protects us all the time Cheap Cigarettes, warms us, cares for the summer of our seven years old, and my father and mother do business in Guangzhou. Go there for a holiday. In the afternoon after the next day, I went to the swimming pool with my parents. My mom and I won't swim, so Dad goes to rent a lifebuoy. I am not in a hurry, I can't help but wait for my father to come back. I can't help but go down the water first. Who knows that playing with it will mistakenly enter the deep water area from the shallow water area, and the water will flow directly into my mouth. I can't breathe. When my mother saw it, she jumped into the water and rescued me. But my mother is also a mud bodhisattva crossing the river Carton Of Cigarettes, it is difficult to protect itself, let alone save me. But my mother still struggled to swim to me. She finally dragged me ashore and drank a stomach. Leap, my tears turned around in my eyes and remembered a winter when I was in the second grade of elementary school. The north wind whistling outside the window, the snow fell, and the surroundings were so quiet. I slept soundly. At this time, my mother ran to the room and pulled me out of my sleep: "In the morning, hurry up, oversleep, be late." Mom said that she would help me wear clothes. Going out of the house, looking back at my mother, I stopped, my mother only wore a thin sweater and a thin pair of jeans. Look at me again, wearing a hat, wearing a scarf, wearing a cotton jacket, cotton pants and a pair of brand new running shoes and gloves. What a strong contrast! On the way to school, the wind seems to blow even more, and the snow seems to be getting bigger. The river was frozen and the whole earth was covered with silver. Look at my mother, her hands are red and cold, and the snow is wet. She sees her mother in the corner of the pants. I quickly take off the scarf and hand it to my mother: "Mom, you wear it!" Mom said: "You are wearing it. Up! I am not cold." After that, I took the scarf in my hand and helped me around.
I still remember that half a month before the elementary school graduation exam, my mother began to "squat" and always wanted me to study. Not only that, but even the TV did not allow me to read it. No way, I can only bury myself in the study. Soon, there will always be an apple in my bag; a cup of steaming milk appears on the messy desk, my mother��s love for me has been silently continuing, and people say that the highest sea is the deepest, I think maternal love is higher than the sky. Deeper than the sea. Perhaps there is a book in this world that can't be read, that is the love of parents. If there is a song dedicated to the mother in the world, let us sing for the immortal motherly love in the world Newport 100S, let us use the time to slowly understand the mother's love.
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