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    The sun climbed
 2019-11-04 04:19
The sun climbed into the sky early in the morning, and sprinkled the bright sunshine to the earth without hesitation. In the morning light shining in the golden light, everything is so beautiful. In a place called Qingshan Village, a small life was born here. The young father looked at the bright sunshine outside the window and smiled and said, "Let her be able to make it." The life of Can Chan begins with the sun. Can live in the countryside Online Cigarettes, the family is not good, the house always loves to leak. When you go to school, you have to face more difficulties. You have to walk an hour or so every day to get to school. In the summer, she was hot and red, and she was thirsty and hungry. In the winter, when she was cold and her hands and feet were not aware, she was always thinking. What is the side of the mountain, will it be a mountain? "Dad, can you tell me what is on the other side of the mountain?" "You will know if you go to see it yourself." "But how can I go?" "Learning, go to the middle school in the county, you will Can go." So, Chan can study hard every day, the school's small playground has no her laughing figure, the small and dilapidated cottage has a long lamp at night, under the lamp, a girl I lowered my head, held the pen, and did my exercises with confidence. The wind outside the window was "squeaking" and the old-fashioned window was "squeaky", but the girl was unaffected, still buried her head, and continued to do her homework, everything, just for her own dreams. Because she wants to see what is on the side of the mountain. It was a morning full of bright sunshine. Like a happy butterfly, it was lightly returned to the house. "Mother and Dad, I can go and see what is on the mountain." A sunny smile. Yes, Cancan passed the hard work of her own best middle school in the county. She can quickly realize her wish and go out of the mountains to see the world outside. The mountain is not a mountain, but a mountain. Tall and bright buildings, a spacious and straight road with a sun on the top of the road, seems to be more red, and the light of the bloom is more brilliant. Dressed in the sun, the fascinating walk into the coveted school Newport Cigarettes, the playground here is wide, the classroom is wide and bright, the flowers are also vying to open under the sunshine, and everything in front of us has greater hope. If she can insert her wings, she must fly high. She wants her children in her hometown to have brighter classrooms, the widest playground and the brightest sunshine. So after graduating from college, she returned to her hometown, the remote mountain village, looking at the children's longing eyes, stroking their little red hands, and she stayed. She taught the children to sing, teach them to dance, tell them a lot of knowledge, and tell them how beautiful the world outside the mountains is. These children are mostly left-behind children. There are no fathers and mothers around, so she helps the girls to tie their hair, and also gently puts them in a beautiful small hair clip. They also help the boys cut their hair and cut their nails. The children kindly call her "can" mom". Every day, Cancan walks to the county to send letters to the children. What I sent was the children��s thoughts and concerns about their parents, and they were filled with the love of the children Cigarettes Online. Every day, the children will send her to the village, and tell her with full of concern and childlike words: "Chan mother, remember to come back soon, we are here waiting for you. But on that day, the children did not wait for them" "Chan mother", because she saved a child who fell into the water, but she has been sleeping forever. Can go to heaven, a more beautiful, equally sunny place. "Children, the teacher is always by your side, even if Go to heaven and bless you. Sing for you. "I think, this is the words that Cancan wants to leave to the children most. Maybe there is sunshine. Can Chan will always be around the children. It has never gone far because of love, and life is more brilliant."
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