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    The road of life
 2019-11-04 04:19
The road of life is sweet and bitter, and I am willing to share all of you with you..." Listening to this song over and over again, I feel like a force, and the power of a super god is inspiring me. Flying in the vast sky. The eagle must have experienced the pain of the female eagle falling down the cliff countless times, and then tempered a pair of volley wings; a sturdy pearl must have withstood the smashing of the body and countless waves and the numerous waves of wind and waves. Similarly, a truly accomplished person must have regained his position after numerous falls. Because "How can you see the rainbow without going through the storm?" No one can succeed casually." Shi Tiesheng fell and fell without legs. This is a heavy blow to anyone. But he did not lose confidence in life, but used his own brain and hands. Expressing his infinite love for life; Beethoven��s eyes are blind and deaf, but he still writes a lot of music, and in the misfortune of life, he sang the strongest voice of his life; Edison has gone through countless experiments. Innumerable failures, eventually he invented the electric light, which brought light to people. They were all people who had fallen over, but they did not give up hope for it, and they did not choose to escape. They all stood up firmly. Fighting with destiny and misfortune has finally achieved great success. So for each of us, wrestling is not terrible. The terrible thing is that we lose confidence and courage from life. For the strong, frustration is a fortune. It is a good medicine for their success; for the weak, frustration is setback and can never become wealth. So, are you strong or weak? I want to say, In the process of growing up, some setbacks and tribulations are not bad things. At least it allows us to learn to overcome difficulties Marlboro Cigarettes, learn to be strong, learn how to face it when it comes to difficulties, and solve it. We should understand that wrestling is not terrible, like We often say a sentence: "How can you not smash the flowers that do not experience the wind and rain? How can a dazzling brilliance occur in a life without suffering? "In this long and wonderful process, it is not easy. Everyone will climb through countless mountains called frustration or failure. Therefore, life without frustration is not perfect Cigarettes Online. Do not experience the storm, how to see the rainbow? Frustrated, how can you show your glory? How can people grow up after experiencing a set of wind and rain setbacks and falling again and again? As long as we look at the difficulties with the right eyes Cheap Cigarettes, there is no big wind and heavy rain that can't pass. Believe, success will be Will belong to you! Wrestling is also a kind of happiness, the wind and rain is the forerunner of the rainbow after the rain. My ear is still playing back this song: "The road of life is sweet and bitter, and I am willing to share everything with you, I will inevitably fall.
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