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    ed out. The origin
 2019-12-03 02:33
Recently, the school wanted to organize us to study in Beijing. In order to facilitate contact and management, the teacher asked each of us to prepare a mobile phone without intelligent functions, commonly known as the "old man's machine". Do you have such a phone at home? Thinking that my parents were using smartphones, I returned home uneasily and informed my parents about the school's requirements. Who knows, after listening, my father said confidently: "This is okay, I'm responsible! I haven't been willing to throw the mobile phone I used before! I'm holding it!" Immediately, I got up and walked to the storeroom. Fart followed behind Dad, and saw Dad dig out a dusty box from an obscure little corner in the storeroom. I ca n��t wait to open the box, a smell of years is coming. ��A , Two ... "Good guys, I'll take a few counts. There are eight mobile phones of different ages and different shapes. They lie there quietly like treasure waiting for someone to dig. I think their bodies are better than current mobile phones. I am very curious, and I am curious to pick up one of the black, brick-like mobile phones, hey! It's so heavy. Who would use such a big phone? My dad smiled and said to me, "You can pick it. This is our first mobile phone, but it's not mine. It was used by your grandfather. It was a rarity. It cost 10,000 yuan to buy it. Yes, people call it "Big Brother"! When I bought it, I was still in college. It was more than a dozen years older than you! "I couldn't help paying tribute to the big guy in front of me. And took out a paper towel and gently wiped off the dust on its heavy vest. It was the originator of our mobile phone. Then, I pulled out a small and exquisite "mobile phone" from the box. Do you think this is a cell phone? Because it only has a little big display and a limited number of keys mokingusacigarettes.com, my face is full of question marks. At this moment, there was a mother's voice behind her, "Don't bother, take out the phone and check it out!" I didn't know when I joined our camp. I took my mother's new Huawei phone and it quickly Opened the webpage, this speed is really fun! I was amazed at the speed of the mobile phone to access the Internet, and typed the brand and model marked on the ��suspected mobile phone�� into ��Du Niang��. Before I responded, all kinds of information popped out. The original object was called a BP machine Marlboro Lights. Also called pager ... The smart phone is so powerful that I learned about this "suspected phone" in a short time��essentially the past and present of the BP machine, it is also the crystallization of human wisdom! I gently put it back in place. When the third phone was in my hand, it didn't attract much interest because of its ugly appearance. A small display and buttons in the standard format and the battery cover on the back of the phone were a little bumpy. I just prepared to disdain It was thrown back in the box, but Dad took it with me cherishly, "Guo Guo, don't look down on it, it only has the function of calling and texting, but it is the first mobile phone your dad and I bought after joining the job. Most importantly, this is a mobile phone that has witnessed my love! "After that, my dad looked at her mother with a smile Wholesale Cigarettes, and her mother smiled with embarrassment. I seem to have no idea what to do with the phone and carefully put it back in the box. "I'm too familiar with this phone!" Suddenly, I called out as excitedly as I found the new continent, and took out a mobile phone called Meizu from the box. This phone is my favorite. It is the first in our family. This smart phone is my childhood companion. A well-known cartoon of "Spongebaby", "Robot Cat", "Black Cat Sheriff" and "Three Monks" accompanied my growth. It is also starting from this mobile phone that my family ��s mobile phone has taken a qualitative leap into the era of intelligence. The Internet has changed the world and changed people ��s lifestyles. A single smart phone has replaced the original mobile phone , Has become the protagonist of the communications industry. The history of mobile phone changes in my family reflects not only the mobile phone of my family from "brother" to "Apple", "Huawei"; Reflecting the ever-changing human technology from the end of the 20th century to the 21st century, it also better reflects the trajectory of the people of our country, from standing up to becoming rich to becoming stronger today. Opening the history of the changes in my mobile phone What you can feel is the change of the times and the cha
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