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    In the cold and
 2019-12-03 02:33
In the cold and dampness in the dark, and you crying, will you run away again and again for the faint light of a star in the distance Cheap Cigarettes...---- Inscription Youth, is a stumble journey, the most unforgettable yearning in every traveler A memory. But when difficulties and obstacles are like clumps of wild growing vines, blocking the lonely rock path to success; when helpless tears drown Ye Yexing's boat, converging into the sea; when darkness roars towards you Marlboro Lights, eroding the one you are flying Wings ... when such a disaster comes, you will be helpless, will you continue to go strong, I say so. Maybe you feel helpless and confused about the unreachable future, or you will stop in the dark and look up at the little light reflected by the stars alone. Yes, everyone will have a yearning for the light. Look forward, my mother said to me. Don't just look at the dazzling light above your head, start from the first step, sprint to the seemingly endless darkness, run to the real light at the end, and soon you will find that the original thick and heavy darkness was hitting your cheeks. The clear breeze came and the night was violently thundering. It stretched out its huge palm to catch the escaped you, but was burned by the yellow sunlight around the goose and left helplessly. You will no longer feel cold at this time. The warmer and warmer sun that has become more dazzling and enveloping you who runs towards success, the melody of poetry turns into white and flawless, and the powerful wings take you to appreciate all the beauty in this world. At dusk, a gentle and gentle sunset is coming towards you, the milky clouds in the sky are blooming, multi-colored glow, cheerful, like a lovely girl, they are plated with diamonds. On the silver side, once again, this soft and sweet marshmallow was coated with a thick layer of sugar coating, and the cheeks were flushed with joy, and everything was drunk. The glamorous future is calling to you and me to run on the coast of dreams again. The wind is like the mother ��s hand with calluses. The warmth of the palm turns the ice in her heart into tears. She gently wipes away the tears left by sadness Traces and gone. My face was dry and a little painful, just like in my heart. But at this time, more is the firmness and determination to dream. With the support and encouragement of the voyage, we seem to be able to see a refreshing blue blazing on his face, he trembled in the astringent sea breeze, and permeated the whole world for a while. The blue is like a sweet and fragrant mint candy, which slowly melts in my heart, and in the depths, you inadvertently burst out ripples of sweet and sour. At this moment, when you finally look up and see the dream on the other side of the sky and the people who are always along the way, ha, tears burst out again Newport Cigarettes.
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