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    Four Generations
 2019-12-31 03:29
Four Generations in the Same Hall" is one of the most enjoyable modern Chinese literature books I have read. I watched it for days and nights, but the shock to me was long and calm. The people in the story are so alive, their sorrows and joys are interpreted in the alleys of Lamb's Ring, and their honour and disgrace are up and down. Their lives have changed qualitatively because of the arrival and departure of the Japanese. Tianyou the elderly, gentle and slightly melancholic Ruixuan, Qian Moyin, a hermit poet who has become a revolutionary fighter, an uncle who is hard-working and resentful, a young bloody Rui Quan, an upright Chang Erye, a cunning but upright Bai inspector, and a helpful Li Four Grandpas, Four Aunts, Bored and Unshaven Ruifeng, Guan Xiaohe, Grim Dachi Bao, Lan Dongyang Newport Cigarettes Coupons, Fat Juzi, Gao Yituo, a step-by-step fallen brother, a clever and courageous Tong Fang, and finally became a revolutionary youth Brother Gao, as well as Sun Qi, Xiao Cui couple, Chen Changshun, Xiao Wen couple, John Ding ... Eight years of thick rewriting on these lifelike figures, we see the wind and rain of that era. The war brought endless suffering to the Chinese people and left endless scars to China. Speaking of "Four Generations in the Same Hall", we have to mention those representative traitors in it Newport 100S. "Traitor", the product of that particular historical condition. They are just short-sighted villains who sell their country and their souls for money. They look beautiful, people look at hate; but they die, people look at it but not happy. "Traitors" are sad, because without the love of the country and respect for themselves, they are just poor people who have lost their way. In fact, they were born because of the arrival of the Japanese, but they did not die because of the withdrawal of the Japanese. They survived in the potential of many people, but later society was different. There is no longer an old Mr. Moyin is the most impressed person in the book. I don't know why people always ignore such a strong old man in the book. Leaving aside his political views, his courage and bravery alone are enough to make the whole book a landscape that cannot be ignored. Qian is always a knowledgeable, culturally sensible person. This was a rare revolutionary fighter of that era. In the slow pace of the book, Qian Moyin is a compact and mysterious image that suddenly adds a lot of power to the book. It is precisely because there are millions of people like Mr. Qian that China finally stands up to the light. The Chinese hate the Japanese. Looking at "Four Generations in the Same Room", you will be more convinced that you hate the Japanese. However, the Chinese in that era were helpless. The confusion brought about by the change of the old and the new society was endless. The portrait was lost and it was sad. So some people revolutionized, sacrificed, some betrayed, and died tragically. No one survived intact. The war ended, there was no joy of victory, and more tragic. However, "Four Generations" is not a tragedy. People have always wondered why Mr. Lao She wants to give everyone an ending that is not the end Cheap Cigarettes. People are surprised at the abrupt end of the story but do not know the end. In fact, all stories have no ending, and the last sentence is "Wind Up", I think it is enough to express Mr. Lao She's meaning. The wheel of history rolled forward, the tide of history was ebb and flow, but the wind did not necessarily suck sand, maybe thunder, or rain, and it was very remote. China has always pushed the cart forward, muddy and scars always exist, but looking back at the tragic past, apart from memories and sighs, we should see a foreshadowing of bright thanks to Mr. Lao She who has left this future China peace
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