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    I do n��t have
 2020-05-07 02:50
I do n��t have a vacuum cleaner at home, and it ��s very easy to collect dust on the desktop and bedside table. Every time I clean my mother and mother-in-law, I have to wipe it with a rag. ��Mini ��vacuum cleaner��. I found a newer colored wooden board from the side of the waste furniture downstairs and prepared to use it as a bracket; I found the water bottle and electric rubber wind house from the corner of the house; I asked my father for a micro motor and two batteries And battery box. Hey! The main materials are ready! Start making! I cut the board into two large and two small rectangles. But this is very easy to fall apart. How can I make it stronger? I was amazed. I thought about the tenon and mortise structure in the learning and thinking video. I dug a few openings in a large board. After installing it and trying it, it was much stronger! I carefully put it The motor and battery box were glued to the long wooden board, and the aluminum wire was connected according to my father's instructions. A small fan was forcibly inserted at the front of the motor to install the battery into the battery box Carton Of Cigarettes, and the prototype of the frame came out. I flicked the "valve" with excitement, but the fan didn't spin up as fast as I thought. Huh? Why didn't the fan turn? My mood fell to the bottom. Looking at me in a daze, Dad glanced at the battery box and smiled and nodded my head: "You are too careless to do things! Look, are the positive and negative poles of the battery installed correctly?" I quickly and carefully Looking at the battery compartment, it turned out that the positive and negative poles were reversed. I quickly adjusted the positive and negative poles of the battery, suppressing the tension in my heart, and turning the "valve", yeah! The fan turned happily on the wooden frame. I steadily won the "valve" again to show my results to my father. I saw the pre-torn paper scraps easily sucked into the bottle, but then "pop" flew out again. "Yes! The original cut on the bottle had to be sealed!" I shouted out my dad with embarrassment. I lifted up the "valve" and found a paper towel to seal the incision and try again. Alas, there is no suction anymore! What should I do? Make persistent efforts and continue the experiment Marlboro Red. I cut some holes in the paper with a utility knife, sealed it and tried again, but the air permeability was still not good. Looking at the small holes that didn't work, I was very conscious of it. With an idea, I quickly rushed into the room and turned out a gauze in the medicine chest. Replacing the tissue with gauze, I extended my index finger and shivered slightly again toggle the "valve". Hey! "Success! Dad, I'm successful!" I shouted excitedly at Dad. Dad said with a long heart: "Look, you can't do anything without success without confidence and perseverance. Failure is the mother of success!" It seems that doing anything requires not only a wealth of knowledge, but also a delicate mind, Smart hands, agile and active brain Marlboro Lights, the most important thing is to have a persistent spirit!
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