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 2020-05-07 02:50
Since the year before the fight, a middle-aged man in his 40s or 50s has come to our community. He is so miserable and has no house. He has been in the courtyard all day long. We children often want to talk to him, but it ��s strange that we ca n��t find him no matter what we look for during the day. But at night, we could see his thin shadow from the window. His face was slightly thin, his hands were hanging weakly on the sides of the pants, and the whole person was like a thin patient, moving stiffly, but He never smoked, standing in the corner of the dim light Marlboro Red, as if the prey fell into the trap moaning, walking like a ghost, and disappeared in a blink of an eye, only to see his footprints. So, we guessed that he was a ghost sent by the region, and so on, otherwise how could we never see his face? Until one day, a child older than us in a yard next door came to our yard to show off, but he was a famous little Tyrannosaurus rex, no one dared to provoke him, but came to our yard but planted a heel, we The elder brothers screamed, but today he did n��t come to fight. He first stood upright, changed into a big pile of poker like a trick, clasped his hands, then rubbed left and right, suddenly left hand down, right hand Ascending upward, a poker immediately flew in the middle of the ascension, so he continued to continue. Finally, he sliced ??the poker into a bamboo and scattered it on the ground piece by piece. At this time he came over Parliament Cigarettes, and the downcast gentleman surprised us Marlboro Gold. His face was full of stubble, and the only difference was that bright eyes. With one finger, the poker on the ground stood up piece by piece, merged in an instant, and sent to his hand. He used the technique to dance poker wildly, like listening to the Magic Flute Thirteen Symphony. Poker is like a A little bird, at his request, sometimes turned into a dragon; sometimes turned into a bridge, sometimes turned into a hand, sometimes turned into a majestic palace, and suddenly his eyes glared, and the poker immediately gathered together, shrouded Above us, like a black hole, or the mouth of time, suddenly the black hole fell down and whirled around us. We clapped happily and applauded. Suddenly the poker pieces became a lot of peach, listen To a snap finger, the peach blossom suddenly broke down into petals, which took us to the interface of another world, and took us to see that when the peach petals fell off, we found that he was gone. Only the peach petals on the ground proved It was n��t a dream just now, and the little overlord also silently walked away. How much we hoped he would come back and give us a show, but he never came again. I believe that it is flourishing in faraway places or farther away. A similar poker flower.
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