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    It is my ideal
 2020-05-13 08:43
It is my ideal to be a great teacher. The hard-working gardener is the best title of the teacher. The teacher is great, the teacher is selfless, the teacher is glorious, and the teacher is sacred. On Wednesday afternoon, Mr. Zhong said that she would choose a few standard Mandarin students to go to the second grade of first grade as a teacher and give oral exams to the children. My heart suddenly boiled, and I quickly raised my hand high, because my dream has always been to be a teacher. "Fan Xinyi, Hou Jingyi, Qin Xiaojie ..." When Teacher Zhong read my name. I am very excited. I know that being a little teacher can not only train my practical ability Cigarettes Online. It can help others Cheap Cigarettes, it's a double benefit! On Thursday afternoon, during class class, 29 classmates from our class came downstairs to the second grade of the first grade. When I came downstairs, I kept thinking: How to take the test? Is it one by one? Still ... "A series of questions took my mind. In the second grade of the first grade, the teacher asked me to go to the fourth row of three groups. When I saw it was two little boys (children), when I walked there, the teacher asked one It ��s embarrassing for my children to stand up and give way. I think they ��re young and it ��s not good to stand. The teacher arranged this and I had to sit down. Their oral exam question list is divided into three parts, one part is single New words, the second part is simple words, and the third part is words composed of Pinyin, a total of 100 points. The teacher told me to say: "The first question is wrong with a deduction of 0.5 points, the second question is wrong with a total score of 0. .25 points, the third question misspelled a word deduction 0.5 points. "I thought:" Oh my god, what zero point and oh, can't I fail in the mathematics test? I knew I had brought a calculator. The exam started, and a little boy immediately placed the questionnaire on the table and gave me a pencil. I pointed the list one by one with a pen and asked the first little boy to read it Carton Of Cigarettes, but his voice was too low, maybe the courage was too small, so I encouraged him not to be nervous and let him read aloud, I found his main The problem is that some of the flat tongue and front and back nasal points are not very clear. The final score for him is 98.35 points. The second little boy performed well, with a loud voice, clear words, and accurate pronunciation. After the test, I greatly praised him and gave him 100 points. I became a little teacher this time, let me know when I was a teacher It's not easy. First of all, you must be patient and careful. At the same time, you must communicate and communicate with students and encourage them. I think I can master more knowledge only if I study hard now, and then I can become a professional teacher in the future, so I must study hard and realize my dream.
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