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    The Law of Attraction works
 2019-11-07 09:27
The Law of Attraction works like a garden. You obtain your seeds (desires) and plant them in the ground Cheap Cigarettes Wholesale. Once those seeds have been planted, they are not going to grow without water and food are they? Water (visualize) your seeds everyday. But what if you forget to water those seeds for a couple of days? Simply, they are just going to sit there and do nothing, and if you gave them just a little sunlight and a little water (not enough attention) they would be weakened and not strong.

Or what if you have a day where it is raining so hard (tough day) and your seeds almost float off in the heavy rainwater? It can be hard protecting (from the cynics) your seeds and keeping the faith. You know that those seeds are going to push through the ground and become full blown flowers (manifested desires). You care for them and nurture them and let the Universe take care of them and know that beneath the ground are budding flowers just ready to come up. You're excited and can't wait to see those wondrous flowers bloom but you also know that they will pop out of the ground when they are healthy and ready Cheap Cigarettes Outlet.

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