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    Jump R39 with a wire
 2019-12-31 07:34
Tune the Derivative Gain - If overshoot cannot be tuned out with the P gain on a quick acceleration, increase the D gain until the overshoot is minimized. Care must be taken when increasing the D gain as too much D gain can over-dampen the effects of the P and I gains.

Mount your TIP120 to the heatsink, using a mica insulator and thermal grease under the transistor.

Connect pin 1 of the transistor to pin 2 of Q4 Cheap Cigarettes Online USA, pin 2 to pin 3 of Q4 and pin 3 of the transistor to pin 1 of Q4

Refer to the posted picture to check that your pins are all jumpered correctly

Do not install Q20, R39 or D8

Jump R39 with a wire

Solder the banded end of your diode to S12, and connect the other end to the middle leg of the transistor. You can use one of the spare 1N4001s from D1 or D2

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