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    Happy New Year !!!
Bob Armstrong
 2008-12-31 20:21
It should be an interesting 2009 with the World Championship Challengers match early in the year ( Topalov-Kamsky ), and then the winner playing World Champion Anand late in the year.

There will also be the 2009 FIDE World Cup, to decide one of the players to go into the Challengers' Match of 2010, with the winner of the Grand Prix 2008-9. Now this assumes the FIDE Presidential Board in March, doesn't mess with the cycle and introduce a 2010 Challengers' Tournament, as the FIDE Congress wanted to do last November.

We'll also have lots of great tournaments - Corus, Morelia/Linares, Sofia, Dortmund, Grand Slam, Pearl Spring, and the final three Grand Prix tournaments.

And maybe we all can continue to nurse our little forum here along, with regulars from time to time posting items of interest, to keep the board alive.

Happy New Year everyone !!
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