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    2010 Corus A
Bob Armstrong
 2010-01-20 08:42
Alexei Shirov has come blasting out of the gate with 4 straight wins and sole possession of first place by a whole point.

But can he last in the face of competition like Anand, Carlsen and Kramnik, not to mention Ivanchuk?

I stil pick Carlsen to win ( He is in a 3-way tie for second after 4 rounds ).

Who is your choice to win, and why?

   RE: 2010 Corus A
Jack Maguire
 2010-01-22 06:24
Make that 5/5 and leading by 1.5, Bob. I note you didn't mention Nakamura, who certainly had Carlsen on the ropes yesterday and is tied with Carlsen and Ivanchuk for 2nd with 3.5/5. Thank Caissa that Nakamura is here and not Gelfand, which has made for some much more exciting chess (and almost no quick draws). And look who Carlsen omitted yesterday in this quote re his "main rivals".

"I consider my main rivals to be (world champion Vishy) Anand, (former world champion Vladimir) Kramnik, and (Levon) Aronian. But Hikaru is playing very well now, so I guess in a short time I will consider him one of my main rivals.''

Do you think 'your' Topalov is a little upset with Carlsen right about now?

I think there are 4 players still with a reasonable chance to catch Shirov - the 3 guys in 2nd and most certainly Kramnik. I don't include Anand here because I think he's still saving his best for Topalov.

The other interesting Corus question is can the two youngest GMs in the world hold their respective B and C leads, both a mere 1/2 point up on #2 at the moment. They're both playing some rather spectacular chess here.