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    2012 World Championship Cyle
Bob Armstrong
 2010-11-10 09:01
The Candidates' Matches of 8 top players were ready to go next March/April. The winner would become the Challenger for the World Championship, against 15th and current World Champion, Viswanathan Anand ( India ), in 2012.

Then the shocker - currently world # 2, and touted as a " for-sure " future world champion, Magnus Carlsen ( Norway ) announced he was withdrawing from the Candidates' matches. FIDE has already announced that Alexander Grischuk ( Russia - # 6 in the world on the Nov.1 FIDE rating list ) would replace him.

Carlsen argued that the World Championship should be a " tournament " of top players, including the then world champion. The world champion would get no special treatment, except that the would get into the tournament automatically. Traditionally, chess has always preferred that the world championship be determined by a " Match ", with some system having been used to determine a worthy " Challenger " ( there have been a couple of tournament exceptions, though usually under unusual circumstances ).

Which system do you like better?

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