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    NBA Kiss Cam catches couple fighting before Chicag
 2016-06-13 07:58
NBA Kiss Cam catches couple fighting before Chicago Bulls mascot Benny wades in to rescue woman

One Boston Celtics fan Custom nfl jerseys was left green with envy as he lost two battles against the Chicago Bulls during Nfl jerseys china their NBA clash on Saturday night.

Not only did the fan see his side beaten by their Eastern Conference rivals, but he Nfl jerseys cheap was also defeated and humiliated by the hosts' mascot Benny the Bull Cheap coach handbags after a Kiss Cam row.

As the camera panned to couples kissing, one Boston fan was clearly uninterested in the fun as he enjoyed a conversation on his mobile much to his female partner's annoyance.

The Kiss Cam repeatedly came back to the couple in the hope they would lock lips.

Seeing the woman snubbed several times, Bulls mascot Benny the Bull came to her rescue in a hilarious act of chivalry.

Charging over to their seats, the bull literally saw red as he poured a drink over the man before whisking his partner away, much to the delight of the crowd.
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