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 2016-06-13 08:03
Top of the News

RACHEL MARTIN: Hey, thanks guys. Good morning, everyone.

Roger Discount mlb jerseys Clemens isn't pulling any punches. Yesterday, the Cy Young Award winning pitcher held a long awaited news conference to answer allegations of steroid use and attack his accusers. Clemens' lawyer began the news conference with a dramatic recording of the 17 minute phone conversation between the baseball star and his trainer Brian McNamee, the man who accused Clemens of steroid use. McNamee was cited in the recently released Mitchell Report. In the report, he says, he told investigators he injected the pitcher with steroids and human growth hormone. Clemens has repeatedly denied those allegations. this time not snow, but wind. The tornado in Missouri is blamed for killing at least two people, and in northern Illinois, about 500 people fled their homes after a suspected tornado knocked over rail cars carrying hazardous material. Organizers of the Annual Golden Globes Awards announced yesterday that the ceremony would be cancelled. Instead, a press conference will be held on Sunday night.

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